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Visiting with a Group

Showcasing over 5,000 years of creativity in over one million square feet, the Art Institute offers an entire world of art for your group to explore!

As one of the country's largest art museums, the Art Institute of Chicago is a must-see for local, national, and international groups of all ages. From our world-renowned French Impressionist collection to American art favorites like Grant Wood's American Gothic and from ancient treasures from across the globe to modern masterpieces by Dalí, Matisse, and Picasso, the museum has something for everyone—art experts and new museum-goers alike.

Whether your group of 15 people or more is composed of adults, seniors, and university students or K–12 students, you can all enjoy the benefits of discounted admission, professionally guided tours and lectures, and special dining options, all while discovering the museum's many riches together.