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Museum Education at the Art Institute of Chicago

AAM Honorable Mention

Vol. 29, no. 1
Spring 2003
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This special issue of Museum Studies explores the broad history and practice of art education at the Art Institute, charting the museum's past, present, and future vision of what museum education can be and do. Drawing from a rich trove of archival, oral, and photographic resources, authors offer a lively account of museum education as an evolving profession, an outlet for aesthetic and political programs, and a crucial element of the Art Institute's public mission from the moment of its founding in 1879.

The project also explores the museum's educational efforts as a focus of volunteer commitment, particularly since the 1950s. A pioneering effort, this publication constitutes an important, unique contribution to the history of education in American cultural institutions.

Table of Contents:

Cleopatra B. Alexander 
Introduction and Acknowledgments 
James N. Wood 
Balancing Act: Education and the Competing Impulses of Museum Work 
Danielle Rice 
Every Walk of Life and Every Degree of Education: Museum Instruction at the Art Institute of Chicago, 1879–1955 
Sylvia Rhor 
Women in the Galleries: Prestige, Education, and Volunteerism at Mid-Century 
Gregory Nosan 
Museum Education at the Art Institute, 1980–2003: Expansion, Diversity, Continuity 
Robert Eskridge 

The Art Institute of Chicago, 2003 
8 3/8 x 10 1/4 in.; 96 pages; approximately 75 illustrations 
Softcover ISBN 0-86559-202-0