Library news

The Ryerson and Burnham Libraries will be closed on the following dates this spring:
Friday, April 6
Monday, May 28

Please see Hours and Location for more details.



The Ryerson and Burnham Archives (art and architecture research collection) will temporarily be limiting services and access to portions of our collection as we prepare for the construction of new storage facilities. 

As of December 1st, 2017, 5pm CST, a moratorium will be placed on:

  • requests for the retrieval of offsite archival collection materials.
  • orders for new digital photography (all archival collections).
  • new licensing and publication requests (all archival collections).

Additionally, as of the above date, all email inquiries will thereafter be automatically forwarded to the Ryerson and Burnham Libraries reference staff at Researchers must submit their requests for offsite materials or new photography prior to November 22nd (5pm CST) in order to ensure that they will be filled prior to the moratorium.

We anticipate resuming normal operations in April or May of 2018 and greatly appreciate your patience during this time. Please contact with any questions or concerns.