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Journey to Cahokia: A Boy’s Visit to the Great Mound City

Albert Lorenz with Joy Schleh

Hardcover $17.95
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Colorful, vibrant, and accessible, this engaging children’s book is guaranteed to delight readers of all ages. Based on new research and archival images, the book relates the coming-of-age tale of a young Native American named Little Hawk. With his family and others from their tribe, Little Hawk is chosen to make a trading journey from his small village to the great mound city of Cahokia (A.D. 800–1400), in the Midwestern United States.

In captivating illustrations, including a map of the journey and photographs that depict a range of period artifacts, Al Lorenz presents a historically accurate look at a culture that flourished well before the first Europeans arrived.

The Art Institute of Chicago, 2004
32 pages, 9 x 12
21 color illus.