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You have the power to support the museum. Make a donation above and beyond your membership today!

We’re often asked how donations help and which activities they support. The answer is everything! Additional donations from members make a huge impact on literally every facet of museum life.

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Additional donations help children explore the art in our galleries and develop their own artistic talents. 

The Art Institute hosts nearly 4,000 education programs each year, from Mini Masters classes—which encourage families to learn together by engaging in stories, games, gallery visits, and playful hands-on art activities—to Teen Studio: Comics and Illustration—which allows teenagers to gain inspiration for their own illustrations in drawing, ink, and digital technology.


Additional donations help us maintain our state-of-the-art conservation practices so that we can continue to be at the forefront of important discoveries.

Art Institute curators and conservators work tirelessly to uncover and interpret the legacies of the artists and the objects in our collections. For instance, discoveries made by our staff during the conservation of our iconic work Bathers by a River by Henri Matisse generated a radical new understanding of Matisse’s artistic practices during what was the most innovative—and least understood—decade in the artist’s career.


Additional donations help us keep the galleries dynamic with new works always on view and allow us to keep our outdoor spaces lush and green. 

The Art Institute has the third-largest collection of art in the United States. Works are rotated regularly, and, in a busy year, Art Institute handlers move approximately 15,000 to 20,000 pieces! In addition, the museum offers ample gardens, fountains, and outdoor artworks, which play a very important part in the Art Institute experience.

Please consider making an additional donation to the Art Institute today—help this beloved institution continue to thrive as the cultural heart of Chicago. Whatever the amount, your gift will make an impact. Donate today. You can also donate by calling Member Relations at (312) 499-4111.

Additional gifts make a real difference—and you’ll see evidence of their impact every time you see this mark:

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Photo by Chris Lake