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Asian Art Council

The Asian Art Council (AAC) is a support organization for the Department of Asian Art of the Art Institute of Chicago, which houses one of the major US collections of Asian art from Japan, China, Korea, South and Southeast Asia, the Himalayas, and the Islamic world.

The Asian Art Council (AAC) acts as a forum for education and discussion about Asian art—from ancient to modern—through lectures, demonstrations, gallery walks, and visits to private collections. The AAC biannual newsletter provides information about events and Asian art across the country. Through dues and fundraising functions, the AAC provides financial support to the department for acquisitions of Asian art objects. Additionally, members are able to give their voices to the selection of these objects at the Annual Meeting.

Events hosted by the AAC have included lectures on such topics as Indian Art in the Era of Globalization, Great Shrines of Iran, American Collectors of Asian Art, Kangxi Porcelain; demonstrations of the Japanese arts of bamboo basket making and ikebana; visits to private collections of Asian objects such as Southeast Asian ceramics and bronzes, Chinese jades, and Japanese paintings; and curator-led travel to museums and collections in other cities.


The Asian Art Council invites you to join our group, though you must be a member of the museum. If you are already a member of the museum, simply send in our AAC membership  form. If you're not a member of the museum, you can join online.

Membership Levels:

Student  $10
Individual  $125
Family  $180
Lapis Circle  $375*
Lacquer Circle  $600*
Jade Circle  $1250*
Gold Circle  $3000*

*These levels provide access to an additional, curator-designated event.

Read our biannual newsletter: Fall 2015

Honorary Chairpersons

Marilynn Alsdorf
Margot Pritkzer
Thomas Pritkzer
Roger L. Weston


Charles H. Mottier

Vice Presidents 

Heather Black
Edward Horner
H. George Mann
Betty Seid


Diane Levy


James C. Roche

Jack Beem
Heather Black
Frances Blair
Lisa Cavanaugh
Marion Wood Covey
Nancie Dunn
Patricia Erens
Ann Grube
Susan Higinbotham
Edward Horner
Richard Horwood
Barbara Kipper
Diane Levy
Edmund J. Lewis
Casey Maciasz
H. George Mann
Charles H. Mottier
Richard Pegg
James C. Roche
Betty Seid
James M. Trapp
Katherine Tsiang
Keven Wilder
Daniel S. Walker, Edward J. Lewis, ex officio

Newsletter Editor

Betty Seid

Asian Art Council Coordinator 

Susan Packard