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Impressionism and Post-Impressionism in the Art Institute of Chicago

Selected by James N. Wood

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The Art Institute of Chicago's collection of Impressionist and Postimpressionist art is one of the finest in the world, embracing the stylistic and thematic variety of these modern movements. This book presents full-color reproductions of 150 oil paintings, watercolors, prints, drawings, and sculptures. Ranging from early seascapes painted in the open air by the young Claude Monet, which marked the initiation of Impressionism, to the great Neoimpressionist masterpiece by Georges Seurat, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte—1884, that signaled its eclipse, and also including the eclectic works of the Postimpressionists, who questioned their predecessors' reliance on external reality and introduced subjectivity and symbolism into their art, Impressionism and Postimpressionism in the Art Institute of Chicago provides a visual record of much-loved works and also expands preconceived notions of what Impressionism is.

Table of Contents:

Before Impressionism 
The French Impressionist Circle 
Impressionism outside France 
Index of Artists

The Art Institute of Chicago, 2000
11 x 11 in.; 168 pages; 152 color illustrations
ISBN 0-86559-176-8