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The Grande Jatte at 100

Vol. 14, no. 2
Fall 1988

Table of Contents:
Reading the Grande Jatte 
John House 
Seurat’s Grande Jatte: An Anti-Utopian Allegory 
Linda Nochlin 
The Family and the Father: The Grande Jatteand its Absences 
S. Hollis Clayson 
Color Plates 
A Technical Evaluation of the Grande Jatte 
Inge Fiedler 
The Grande Jatte: Notes on Drawing and Meaning 
Richard Thomson 
Seurat, Charles Blanc, and Naturalist Art Criticism 
Michael F. Zimmermann 
Seeing Seurat Politically 
Stephen F. Eisenman 
The Grande Jatte as the Icon of a New Religion: A Psycho-Iconographic Interpretation 
Mary Mathews Gedo 
John Russell 
Provenance and Exhibition 
History of the Grande Jatte
Selected Bibliography on Georges Seurat and the Grande Jatte