Grades 1 to 5

Museum Introduction Tours (Grades 1-5)

Museum Introduction tours have four thematic threads; each provides imaginative ideas through which to begin to explore the extensive and diverse nature of the museum’s collections.

Art from Many Places

An encyclopedic museum encompasses art from many geographic locations, historical eras, and varied cultures. Students will develop looking and critical thinking skills as they explore the differences and similarities among works of art throughout the museum.

Limit: 120 Students

Clues from the Past

Students will hone their investigational skills as they uncover the “clues” works of art may tell us about the interests, world views, and beliefs of peoples from former times.

Limit: 120 Students

Self, Family, and Community

Students will explore the ways artists depict individuals and their relationships with their families and the ways in which these groups form and interact with larger communities.

Limit: 120 Students

Stories in Art

Every picture tells a story! Some works of art might tell the whole story, others might just tell a part. Students will discover the ways artists tell stories visually and will discuss elements of storytelling including characters, setting, action, sequence, and narration.

Limit: 120 Students

All Museum Introduction tours are:
45 minutes for Grades 1–2
60 minutes for Grades 3–5

Specialized Tours (Grades 4–5 only)

Impressionism and Post-Impressionism

Students discover how Impressionist and Post-Impressionist works of art reflected new attitudes toward nature and 19th-century life. They examine these artists’ stylistic innovations and note how their outlooks represented a radical change from the past as well as critical portents for the future.

Limit: 80 Students

60 minutes for grades 4-5


American Art: Themes and Ideas

Students explore informing ideas of United States history and culture by engaging with works of art thematically from all historical periods.

Limit: 80 students
60 minutes for grades 4-5