Girls Day Out Tours

Art in Vogue Art in Vogue

On this voguish voyage through the museum, the galleries are the fashion runway. Strut to the following style-studded stops and decide for yourself whose designs are in and whose are out.

Femmes Fatales Femmes Fatales

Seductive yet dangerous, beautiful yet deadly—the femme fatale has captured the artistic imagination from biblical times to the modern-day cinema. Discover the empowering strength behind their mysterious charm as this tour visits a few of these legendary ladies.

Birthday Suit The Birthday Suit Visit

From the statues of ancient Greece to the paintings of modern masters, the nude has been one of the most consistently interpreted subjects throughout the history of art. Sneak a peek at some of the museum’s leafless treasures, and discover what inspired these artists to go au naturel.

Feast for the Eyes A Feast for the Eyes

Your mouth is not the only organ with great taste. Savor the museum’s buffet of visual flavors as this gourmandizing guide explores how artists throughout the centuries and across the world have transformed the edible into the artistic.

Visionary Women Visionary Women

Inspired by the bold vision of the many female photographers featured in the exhibition Girls on the Verge, this month’s self-guide honors and celebrates the voice of women artists.