Family Outing Tours

Monkeying Around Monkeying Around

You might more frequently think of monkeys residing in zoos or traveling with circuses, but here at the Art Institute, we have primates a-plenty. Get in touch with your simian side with a quick trip to our troupe of museum monkeys.

Museum Minors Museum Minors

Let’s face it: the winter holidays are never more fun than when you are a kid—no school, no responsibilities, just sweets, surprises, and swag. In honor of your favorite lads and lasses, enjoying the holiday season, we offer this tour of some of the museum’s memorable minors.

Parks and Recreation The Parks and Recreation Visit

No city takes to the summer sun like Chicago. Whether it's our award-winning gardens or our permanent collections, the Art Institute boasts a wide variety of landscapes to play or get lost in. Finding your summer inspiration just became a walk in the park.

Man's Best Friend The Man's Best Friend Visit

If our pets could talk, what would they say about their masters? Not content to let sleeping dogs lie, we take a trot through the museum's collections to dig up the stories behind these canine compositions.

Once Upon a Time The Once upon a Time Visit

Stories of princesses usually begin with “once upon a time” and end with “happily ever after,” with a few dragons, witches, and spells in between. Get a glimpse at both the fantastically real and really fantastic world of royal heiresses on this fairy-tale trip through the collection.

All in the Family All in the Family

Love them or loathe them, families and family get-togethers are simply a part of life, especially during the holiday season. So bring your brood, collect your kin, and follow this family-filled tour through the collection.

Red vs. Blue Red vs. Blue—Two Popular Hues

Long before red and blue became the emblematic colors of the two major U.S. political parties, the vivid hues had been used by artists throughout the world. Explore the fascinating sources and rich symbolism of these popular shades and cast your vote for the most compelling color.

Beautiful Beasts Beautiful Beasts

The spotlight always shines on the lions that stand guard at the Art Institute's entrance, but the museum is filled with other curious creatures that also deserve recognition. Trek through the wilds of our collection and discover a few of our many magnificent beasts.

Let the Games Begin Let the Games Begin

Has the summer heat got you too hot to trot? Step inside where you can flex your mind and walk lively in pursuit of works of art that celebrate the sporting life. Although just like fashion, specific sports fall in and out of favor, the basic urge to win, place, or show is timeless.