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Myriad Visions of Wucius Wong

May 2, 2009–August 9, 2009
Gallery 108

The Hong Kong painter Wucius Wong (Wang Wuxie, 1936- ) is among the most dynamic and versatile Chinese artists of our time. Inextricably bound to a life spent living, traveling, and studying in Hong Kong under British and, since 1997, Chinese administration, as well as in mainland China and the United States, his works creatively respond to both Chinese and Western aesthetics. Together with his monumental Searching for Mountains, No. 2 (Gallery 130) this exhibition features eleven paintings that span four decades (1956-2006). Their diverse images include a compelling self-portrait, landscapes in representational, modernist, and abstract expressionist styles, and compositions of strong graphic design. Together, these paintings follow successive stages of Wu’s artistic career and exploratory spirit.

Wong Wucius. Winding Thoughts No. 2, 1975. Frederick W. Renshaw Acquisition Fund and Avery Brundage Endowment.