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The Books of Mikhail Karasik

February 3, 2010–April 12, 2010
Ryerson and Burnham Libraries

Mikhail Karasik is one of Russia's leading contemporary figures in the Artists' Book movement. In addition to his artistic practice, which focuses on the book form, he also operates a publishing house, curates exhibitions and writes extensively on the subject. This exhibition highlights the Ryerson and Burnham Libraries' collection of books created by Karasik as well as other publications—ranging from the early 20th-century avant-garde to contemporary books—that have been influential to Karasik's work.

Please note that the exhibition is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Cabbage and Radish from The Palace of Soviets: Design Competition: a Head Like the House of Soviets, Expression of the Stalin Period by Mikhail Karasik Saint-Petersburg: M.K. Publishers, 2006.