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Inside Marina City: A Project by Iker Gil and Andreas E.G. Larsson

September 17, 2011–January 15, 2012
Gallery 286

While the towers of Marina City present a public and easily recognizable profile to the street, architect Iker Gil and photographer Andreas Larsson's project focuses on the residents of the building and the highly personal living spaces that make it an energetic and diverse community. Marina City's central location, affordable apartments, and unusually wide range of amenities, including large balconies, bowling alley, theater, and marina, have long attracted creative and engaged residents. Inside Marina City explores the relationship between Bertrand Goldberg’s rigorous modular framework for the apartment units and the informal development of these interior spaces by residents throughout the history of the building.


This exhibition is made possible by the generous support of the Architecture & Design Society.

Additional sponsorship provided by The Print Lab.

Andreas E.G. Larsson. Untitled (Chicago, Illinois), 2009. Courtesy of the artist.