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Douglas Garofalo

June 15, 2008–October 8, 2008
Gallery 227

Douglas Garofalo is one of the country's leading voices in the digital pedagogy and practice of architecture. His work illustrates how these new frontiers are widening as practices fuse with other media to change the way architecture is fabricated, aestheticized, and perceived in the 21st century. Based in Chicago, Garofalo established his studio in 1987 and is one of the most prolific designers in this genre with a broad range of projects and completed works. This exhibition–comprised of drawings, models, and digital media–will showcase the vast range of the architect's work, from the theoretical Camouflage House to the soon-to-be-completed Hyde Park Art Center. This is Garofalo's first solo museum exhibition.


Initiating a new series that highlights the work of important architects and designers, the Art Institute is pleased to present a sleek, 96-page catalogue in conjunction with the exhibition. An informative essay by exhibition curator Joseph Rosa outlines the architect's work to date, including several theoretical and visionary projects.Illustrations of and informative entries on the drawings, models, and digital media that showcase this work are featured. The catalogue will be available in the Museum Shop in late June.

Exhibition catalogue: Douglas Garofalo


The Art Institute of Chicago


Joseph Rosa, John H. Bryan Curator of Architecture


Douglas Garofalo is funded by the Fellows of the Department of Architecture with ongoing support from the Architecture and Design Society.