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Ludovico Carracci: The Vision of Saint Francis

November 18, 2010–February 18, 2011
Gallery 212A

This small exhibition focuses on the Art Institute’s recent acquisition of a jewel-like painting depicting The Vision of Saint Francis (c 1602) by the Bolognese painter Ludovico Carracci (1555–1619). The Carracci family—Ludovico and his cousins Annibale (1560–1609) and Agostino (1557–1602)—transformed painting in Bologna at the end of the 16th century into the compelling blend of classical and naturalistic elements that would dominate 17th-century Italian painting. The paintings, drawings, and prints produced by this artistic family parallel, in many respects, the new tenets of art promoted by the Catholic Church, which sought to make religious doctrine and by extension devotional art more accessible. This installation examines this important new acquisition by Ludovico in the context of drawings and engravings produced by other members of the Carracci family.

Ludovico Carracci. The Vision of Saint Francis, c. 1602. Lacy Armour Fund.