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Teacher Workshop: A Voyage to South America—Andean Art in the Spanish Empire

April 25, 2015
Ryan Education Center, Studio C
$50; 5 CPDUs

Join us for this one-day workshop centered on the exhibition A Voyage to South America: Andean Art in the Spanish Empire, a long-term installation of works of art from the collections Chicagoans Marilynn and Carl Thoma, the Newberry Library, and the Denver Art Museum. Participating educators will learn more about this unique period of cultural convergence in the Spanish-governed Andes during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Considering works of art as primary sources, teachers will explore how European conventions combined with indigenous traditions of visual art through the specific lenses of geography, race, and religion.

This workshop is offered in collaboration with the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) at the University of Chicago. Dr. Rosario Granados, a postdoctoral lecturer at CLAS, will co-lead the day with museum education staff. The workshop is open to all interested teachers.

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Unidentified artist, active in Cuzco, Peru. Our Lady of Bethlehem with a Male Donor, 18th century. Carl and Marilynn Thoma Collection.