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Teacher Workshop: Exhibition as Pedagogy

March 21, 2015
Ryan Education Center, Studio C
$50; 5 CPDUs

Exhibitions reflect the ideas of museum professionals including curators, designers, educators, and media relations experts as well as current values informing how museums view the role of visitors in the construction of their own knowledge. In this workshop we will use the museum as a laboratory to critically examine how exhibitions function as pedagogy and consider the variety of decisions and criteria that culminate in exhibitions with distinctive identities and messages. Participants will work together to develop exhibition proposals that foster student-centered learning and investigate how exhibition design intersects with pedagogy. Ideas from this workshop can be applied to a variety of scenarios, including developing curriculum, planning tours, organizing school-based exhibitions, or designing classroom presentations. 

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Felix Gonzalez-Torres. "Untitled" (Golden), 1995. The Art Institute of Chicago, through prior gift of Adeline Yates; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, through prior gifts of J. D. Zellerbach, Gardner Dailey, and an anonymous donor; and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, through prior gift of Solomon R. Guggenheim; partial gift of Andrea Rosen, in honor of Felix Gonzalez-Torres.
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