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Teacher Workshop: Ancient Crossroads—The Intersection of the Greek, Roman, and Asian Worlds

March 16, 2013
Ryan Education Center
$50; 5 CPDUs

Cultural exchange of goods, ideas, and even DNA between east and west characterized the ancient world in significant ways that have resonance for us even now. On the occasion of the opening of the Art Institute’s new Mary and Michael Jaharis Galleries of Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Art, this Saturday workshop will look back at this dynamic past. Participants will visit the new installation as well as specific selections of Asian art to explore the notion of intercultural exchange and consider broad connections to classroom curriculum. Teachers will have the opportunity to work with content experts, museum educators, and fellow teachers to dig deeper in to strategies for thematic teaching with ancient objects and across cultures. 

This program has reached capacity and is no longer accepting registrations. For additional Teacher Workshops please visit the Teacher Programs Calendar.

If you have any questions or special needs, please call 312-443-9092 or email

Reservations are required for this program.

Greek, made at Ephesus. Tetradrachm Portraying Alexander the Great, Issued by King Lysimachus of Thrace, ruled 306–281 B.C. Gift of Martin A. Ryerson.