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Symposium: A New Lens on 19th-Century Art

April 2, 2016
Rubloff Auditorium
Free with museum admission

Learn how new scientific tools and techniques are changing the study of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masterworks. The keynote lecture for the symposium takes place on April 1.

This public symposium will explore for a general audience how our understanding of 19th-century art has changed amid 21st-century advancements. Panelists will address how new strategies of study, exhibition, and interpretation have been shaped by innovations in conservation, digital technology, and interdisciplinary research. Case studies of works by Gustave Caillebotte, Édouard Manet, Vincent van Gogh, and Paul Gauguin will be discussed in depth.

10:00–10:30 Member Weekend Mornings: exclusive access to Van Gogh's Bedrooms for members only

10:45           Welcome/Introductions

New Direction in 19th-Century Art (10:55–12:30)

How are interdisciplinary approaches to 19th-century art changing practices of study? 

10:55–11:05  Introductions/Opening Remarks
                      Martha Ward, University of Chicago

11:05–11:20  New Tendencies in the History of 19th-Century Art
                      Hollis Clayson, Northwestern University

11:20–11:35  Science Is an Instrument That Will Go a Very Long Way in the Future
                      Francesca Casadio, The Art Institute of Chicago 

11:35–11:55  Van Gogh's Bedrooms: Visualizing Conservation Science
                      Gloria Groom, The Art Institute of Chicago 

11:55–12:10  Online Scholarly Catalogues as a Vehicle for Interdisciplinary Collaboration
                      Gregory Nosan, The Art Institute of Chicago 

12:10–12:30  Panel Discussion/Q&A
                      Moderated by Martha Ward

Web simulcast: New Direction in 19th-Century Art (10:45–12:30) 

12:30–2:00   Lunch Break

PANEL 2: Case Studies in 19th-Century Art and Techinical Art HIstory (2:00–4:30)

How have new scientific tools and collaborations in technical study changed the way we understand key 19th-century artists?

2:00–2:15     Introductions/Opening Remarks
                     Jill Bugajski, The Art Institute of Chicago
                     Moderator: George Shackelford, Kimbell Art Museum

2:15–2:40     Virtual Reality: Process and Perspective in
                     Gustave Caillebotte’s Paris Street; Rainy Day
                     Kelly Keegan, The Art Institute of Chicago, and
                     Pablo Garcia, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

2:40–3:05     Édouard Manet’s Old Musician: The Development of a Masterpiece
                     Ann Hoenigswald, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. 

3:05–3:30     New Technologies and Discoveries in the Study of Paintings by Van Gogh
                     Ella Hendriks, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

3:30–3:55     Reconstructing Paul Gauguin’s Crucible
                     Dario Gamboni, Université de Genève, Switzerland

4:00–4:30     19th-Century Art through a New Lens
                     Panel Conversation Moderated by George Shackelford

                     Closing Remarks

Web simulcast: 19th-Century Art through a New Lens: Case Studies and Panel Discussion (2:00–4:30) 

These events are supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Chicago Objects Study Initiative (COSI) at the Art Institute of Chicago in partnership with the Northwestern University / Art Institute of Chicago Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts (NU-ACCESS) and the museum’s Department of European Painting and Sculpture in conjunction with the exhibition Van Gogh’s Bedrooms, on view in the Art Institute’s Regenstein Hall through May 10, 2016.

A partial X-ray view of Vincent van Gogh’s The Bedroom (detail), 1889. Helen Birch Bartlett Memorial Collection.