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Member Lecture: Impressionism—Light and the Moment

July 17, 2013
Rubloff Auditorium
$12 per member; $30 for series

Delve deeper into the three dimensions of Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity in these exclusive member lectures as part of the Artfully Chic: Painting, Fashion, and Modern Life in the Age of Impressionism lecture series.

From the mid-1860s through the mid-1880s, Paris developed into the center of modernity, fashion, and of course, Impressionism. This series examines all three in broader contexts, starting with the development of Impressionism in France—from its dual emphasis on direct observation and subjects drawn from contemporary life to its transformation into an international movement as it spread to other countries. The second lecture, after a brief historical overview of artistic representations of fashion, focuses on the period from the French Revolution to the First World War, when the relationship between fashion and art was at its richest and most complex. The third lecture concentrates on the Impressionist movement's connections to the sites of modernity, delving into the history and significance of places such as public parks, cafes, entertainment venues, and the boulevard.

July 17                    Impressionism: Light and the Moment
August 21               Fashion: Style and Substance
September 18         Modernity: Leisure and Society

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Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The Loge, 1874. The Courtauld Gallery, London, The Samuel Courtauld Trust, P.1948.SC.338.