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Teacher Workshop: "Martin Puryear—Multiple Dimensions"

February 20, 2016
Ryan Learning Center, Studio C
$50 / 5 CPDUs

Martin Puryear is known primarily for his enigmatic, handcrafted sculptures in a wide range of materials. His prints and drawings are less known; in fact, the artist is reluctant to call himself a “printmaker” and has an even less comfortable relationship with drawing. Yet, his works on paper are not only engaging and often beautiful, they also offer a glimpse into his thinking around his three-dimensional work. This workshop will feature a tour of the exhibition Martin Puryear: Multiple Dimensions, strategies for engaging students with contemporary and abstract work, and ideas for studio projects that encourage experimentation in two and three dimensional media. This program is open to teachers in all grades and disciplines.

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Martin Puryear. Untitled VI, 2012. Art Institute of Chicago, The John H. Wrenn Memorial, Helen Davis Baily, and Albert H. Wolf funds.