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Making Meaning—A Studio Approach to Teaching and Learning

July 24, 2012
Ryan Education Center
$175; 15 CPDUs

Teacher Program: What goes on in students' minds when they make art? What thought processes are put in motion through material manipulation, design, and aesthetic engagement? Get ready to learn by doing in this three-day workshop where you will discover and reflect on how art making promotes the application of prior knowledge, innovation, analysis, problem solving, evaluation, and other critical thinking skills. Participants will explore a variety of media (e.g., drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, digital, etc.) to reflect on making and learning. No special skills are required, only an open mind and a willingness to experiment.

July 24, 2012; July 25, 2012; and July 26, 2012

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Nacho Carbonell. Lover's Bench, 2009. Funds provided by the Architecture & Design Society.