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Lecture: The Power and Pleasure of Tea Bowls in Japan

March 31, 2016
Price Auditorium
Free with museum admission

Morgan Pitelka, professor of Asian studies and history at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and director of the Carolina Asia Center, explores how the tea bowl has played a prominent role in Japanese history and culture, from its use as a meditation aid in medieval Zen monasteries to its deployment as a warlord’s reward to his vassals for success in battle. Pitelka also reviews the history of the tea bowl in East Asia; the varied meanings and uses of tea bowls in premodern Japan; and the modern growth of the tea bowl into an internationally recognized icon of Japanese culture.

Presented by the Asian Art Council

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Caption: Kitaoji Rosanjin. Shino–Style Tea Bowl, n.d. Japan. Gift of Margaret O. Gentles.