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Lecture: Kimura Kenkadō—Prodigious Patron of the Arts

November 19, 2015
Nichols Board of Trustees Suite

Kimura Kenkadō (1736–1802) was a famous face in 18th-century Kyoto and Osaka artistic circles. Much admired for his generosity and learning, Kenkadō recognized and supported talent in every field through the outright purchase of works of art, hosting gatherings for artists and prospective collectors, publishing reference works and printed versions of new art, and sharing his own substantial collections. At a time when official shogunal and daimyo support for the arts went to the studios of the Kano school, Kenkadō became a patron of budding independent literati artists such as Ike Taiga.

In this talk, Felice Fischer, Luther W. Brady Curator of Japanese Art and Senior Curator of East Asian Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, explores this fascinating painter, poet, and polymath whose interests and influence spanned the cultural, commercial, and scientific fields of his day. 

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Tani Buncho. Portrait of Kimura Kenkado, 1802. Osaka Board of Education, Important Cultural Property.