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Lecture: Italy Before Rome—An Introduction to Etruscan Art

October 25, 2012
Morton Auditorium
Free with museum admission

Before the rise of Rome, the two leading art-producing civilizations of Italy were the Greeks, concentrated in southern Italy and Sicily, and the Etruscans in central and northern Italy, especially Tuscany, which still bears the name of the Etruscans. Although more attention has generally been devoted to the influence of the Greeks on Rome, the Etruscans also had a profound influence on the formation of Roman art. In this lecture, Professor Kleiner will examine the most important examples of Etruscan art and architecture and seek to determine the distinctive character of Etruscan art and its contribution to the history of ancient art and architecture.

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Etruscan, probably, Vulci. Foot of Cista (Storage Box), early 5th century B.C. Katherine K. Adler Memorial Fund.