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Lecture: Gwendolyn Wright—“The Role of Play: Looking for Patterns and Crossing Boundaries”

April 16, 2015
Rubloff Auditorium—Use Columbus Drive entrance.

In recent decades, architectural history has charted a broad terrain that once separated intellectual spheres such as innovations and conventions, vernacular and high style, local and global, Western and non-Western, amateur and professional, natural and built environments. This demands both complex forms of knowledge and a certain playfulness in moving from one approach to another.

Gwendolyn Wright, architectural historian at Columbia University and co-host of History Detectives on PBS, discusses ways that architectural historians may further adopt creative techniques that architects use, while maintaining and expanding the rigor, to gain insights into how architects have imagined alternative environments and built realities experienced by all.

This lecture is co-sponsored with the Society of Architectural Historians as part of the 68th Anniversary Annual Conference.

The Architecture & Design Society gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support of Park Hyatt Chicago.