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Film: “Medium Cool”

November 14, 2014
Fullerton Hall
Free; please use the Michigan Avenue entrance.

The City Lost and Found curators Alison Fisher and Greg Foster-Rice explore race, urbanism, and media in Chicago through Haskell Wexler's groundbreaking film Medium Cool (1969).

Registration is not required for this event. Please enter through the Michigan Avenue Entrance.

“It’s 1968, and the whole world is watching. With the U.S. in social upheaval, famed cinematographer Haskell Wexler decided to make a film about what the hell was going on. Medium Cool, his debut feature, plunges us into the moment. With its mix of fictional storytelling and documentary technique, this depiction of the working world and romantic life of a television cameraman (Robert Forster) is a visceral cinematic snapshot of the era, climaxing with an extended sequence shot right in the middle of the riots surrounding the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. An inventive commentary on the pleasures and dangers of wielding a camera, Medium Cool is as prescient a political film as Hollywood has ever produced.” -Criterion

“Haskell Wexler's Medium Cool (1969) is remembered as one of the great political films of its era—who could forget its climactic melding of fact and fiction, shot in the streets of Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention, in which Robert Forster's TV news cameraman is swept into the real-life chaos of police and protesters? … for people who love Chicago, the film may be most valuable as a cultural document, recording a much younger city in the midst of a turbulent summer.” -Chicago Reader

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Continue your evening after the film with DJs, live music, and exhibition-inspired craft cocktails at After Dark.