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Ekphest: A Festival of Art and Word

April 16, 2015
Ryan Education Center, Studio C and Classroom 4

Ekphest: A Festival of Art and Word takes place this fall and in April 2015 at a selection of Chicago museums and institutions, including the Art Institute. Ekphrastic poetry is a literary work inspired by a work of art.

Joel Craig performs his work Hey King, informed by Kazuo Shiraga’s Chikatsusei Maunkinshi (Golden Wings Brushing the Clouds Incarnated from Earthly Wide Star), 1960. Shiraga melded traditional and performance art within the context of a rapidly westernizing postwar Japan. In response, Craig muses on the persona of a creator who seeks genuine originality then becomes vogue after passing.

Duriel E. Harris presents SPIN: Chagall’s America Remix REmixed featuring Harris as DJ Shawn “Buddha” Ryder. Using the backdrop of a video of Marc Chagall’s America Windows, 1977, which celebrates the social and artistic freedom in American life that Chagall most admired, Harris presents a meditation on freedom, beauty, and the promise of America in an interplay of music, theatre, dance, and poetry.

 Poet, editor, and reading series curator Joel Craig was born in Iowa. In his free verse poems, he uses the cadence of conversation to trace the widening wake of narrative. Author of the poetry collection The White House (2012), he curates the Danny’s Reading Series in Chicago, and is also the poetry editor for MAKE Literary Magazine.

Co-founder of the Black Took Collective and Poetry Editor for Obsidian, poet and performance artist Duriel E. Harris is the author of Drag, Amnesiac: Poems, and Speleology (poetry video). A MacDowell and Millay Colony fellow, Harris’s current projects include the sound compilation “Black Magic” and Thingification—a one-woman show.