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The Delphic Oracle: Ancient Myths and Modern Science

September 20, 2012
Price Auditorium
Free with museum admission

John Hale, University of Louisville

For the ancient Greeks, the site of the Delphic Oracle was the center of the world. Travelers came from all over the Mediterranean and beyond to consult the prophet god Apollo, whose voice was channeled through the medium of a woman from Delphi known as the Pythia. The oracle remained a powerful force for at least one thousand years.  The Greeks themselves attributed the power of the Pythia to natural phenomena on the rocky slope of Mount Parnassus: a spring, a cleft in the bedrock, and a mysterious vapor. In this illustrated lecture, Dr. John Hale, professor and director of the Liberal Studies Program, University of Louisville, will recount a modern archaeological and scientific quest for the truth about history's most important oracular shrine.

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