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CSO Chamber Music Series: French Forms and Fragments

January 28, 2018
Fullerton Hall
$33 per person; call (312) 294-3000 for tickets

Full of sumptuously hazy, heartfelt phrases, Ravel's String Quartet embodies his thoughtful, wandering style with added flair from Spanish dance influences. Debussy's String Quartet, quirky and twinkling, showcases the lush, atmospheric music that became Debussy's trademark. Each quartet also includes a nocturne that typifies Impressionism in 19th-century French art, when creating mood was more important than communicating specific ideas. In celebration of Auguste Rodin's centennial, a postconcert gallery tour explores how his work departs from traditional sculpture. 

Auguste Rodin. Eternal Springtime, modeled about 1884, cast about 1910–mid-1920s. Lent in the memory of a boy who loved the Musée Rodin in Paris, its sculptures, and its squeaky floors.