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Cooking Demonstration: Vino and Van Gogh

September 23, 2012
Terzo Piano
$65 per person

We continue our tradition of artist-themed demonstrations with one devoted to Vincent van Gogh. The famous Post-Impressionist may not have always been able to afford to eat as well as he would've liked, but he describes many of his favorite foods in various letters written during his lifetime. Chef Meg Colleran Sahs takes these letters as inspiration for this demonstration, and our wine expert, Cathy Mantuano, will pair each dish with a cleverly chosen wine. Taste each dish while you learn about the food, the wines, and the art of Vincent van Gogh. As always, you'll be able to take the recipes home and try them for yourself. Cost is $65 per person. Please call (312) 443-8650 to reserve your seats. Maximum of 50 guests.