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Chatter Chat: Talking Back

April 11, 2015
Gallery 283
Free with museum admission

This salon, held in conjunction with the opening of the Architecture and Design Department’s exhibition Chatter: Architecture Talks Back, uses the exhibition as a platform to discuss critical issues in the field of contemporary architecture.

Fully embracing the double entendre of the act of “talking back,” this Chatter Chat invites architects featured in the exhibition to frame their work relative to history, encouraging them to act as both successor (harkening back to their predecessors) as well as instigator (talking back to their predecessors). Each panelist presents their work through this lens as a prompt for discussion among invited respondents, offering up insights for questions such as:

  • How do architects summon the material, formal, and sociocultural lessons from history without being beholden to them?
  • What is the medium by which architects communicate with the ghosts of architecture's past, and how have time, transmission error, and new modes of communication advanced architectural representation?
  • How do we reframe, reuse, and most importantly recast the discipline through history's most valuable architectural inheritances?

Jimenez Lai, Bureau Spectacular
John Szot, John Szot Studio
Chris Grimley, over,under

Erin Besler, University of California Los Angeles
Thomas Kelley, Norman Kelley
Kyle Miller, Syracuse University
Whitney Moon, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Irene Sunwoo, Chicago Architecture Biennial

The discussion is moderated by Kelly Bair, director of Central Standard Office of Design and assistant professor at UIC.

Bureau Spectacular, by Jimenez Lai, assisted by Senaid Selcin and Frank Gossage. Cartoonish Metropolis, 2011. © Bureau Spectacular.