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Bus Tour: Exploring Social Action in the Arts

March 21, 2013
$95 per member

Join Joan Arenberg to meet art collectors, teachers, performers, and presenters, and discover the unique contributions the visual arts bring to issues of social justice. Begin the morning with Laura Shaeffer, and learn about SHoP (Southside Hub of Production), a community-centered project that encourages local culture making and a space where broad ideas on pedagogy, performance, and innovative experimentation meet more traditional approaches. Continue to the homes of Patric McCoy and Daniel T. Parker, co-founders of Diasporal Rhythms. Each collect art stemming from African traditions—McCoy concentrating on contemporary African American artists and Parker adding examples of African art. Both collections explore the importance of personal story-telling. After lunch at Farmhouse, Cynthia Weiss, director of education at Marwen, will discuss the program’s mission, offering more than 800 students of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds free art instruction and college and career planning. Frank Maugeri, co-artistic director at Redmoon, explores how urban theater has the possibility to transform a familiar landscape with ephemeral events that disrupt daily life, provide opportunities for public engagement, and perhaps forecast the possibility of change.

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Last of My Species. Redmoon Theater, 2009. Photo by Sean Williams.