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Bus Tour: Chicago's Jewish Migrations

June 6, 2013
$90 per member

Trace 150 years of Chicago’s Jewish community with Irving Birkner, instructor at the University of Chicago’s Graham School. Begin, as the first Jewish immigrants did, in downtown by visiting the Chicago Loop synagogue with its iconic stained-glass façade. Travel south to visit Chicago’s oldest Jewish congregation, KAM Isaiah Israel, for a tour of the magnificent 1923 Byzantine synagogue. Enjoy a taste of Jewish Chicago’s history at Manny’s Delicatessen, near the former Maxwell Street Market. Next, visit the Rabbinical Council of Chicago in Rogers Park for an exclusive glimpse of how religious life is governed for the observant community. End the day with Rabbi Yochanan Nathan to learn about daily life as a sofer, a person approved to transcribe Torah scrolls and other religious writings and repair and dispose of ritual objects according to Jewish law.

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KAM Isaiah Israel.