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Bus Tour: Celebrating Chicago Artists Month

October 8, 2013

Join Joan Arenberg to celebrate Chicago Artists Month with Chicago artists. Amy Lowry’s oil and watercolor botanicals depict a narrative arc of biological existence, while her larger collages juxtapose manmade materials with natural elements and scraps of personal history. Isak Applin’s paintings and drawings investigate lost legends, love, and ghost stories, while Oli Watts’s sculptures and prints explore narratives from literature, film, cartoons, and music; the pair’s collaborative woodcuts examine dysfunctional relationships in printmaking history. After lunch at Lady Gregory’s, visit with multimedia artist Jenny Kendler, whose pieces complicate the space between nature and culture, aiming to rekindle our relationship with the natural world. Conclude with Gregory Scott, who blends photography, video, and painting to create illusion and surprise. Although his subjects usually reference fine art or common genres, the finished work shows caring, irreverence, and occasionally humor.

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