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Bus Tour: The Art of the Crèche—Ecclesiastical Treasures and Artistic Process

December 11, 2014
$120 per member

Join Cynthia Noble in this exploration of sacred art and the processes by which objects are created and conserved. Begin at the studio of sculptor Stefan Niedorezo, who sculpts in bronze, wood, stone, and concrete, and whose work can be seen in public and private collections throughout the United States and Poland. Tour his studio and see some of his current work, including ecclesiastical sculpture. After lunch at Lula Café, tour the stunning baroque church of St. John Cantius and view the collection of sacred art. Learn about the church’s 260-year-old Neapolitan crèche from Pastor John Phillips. Continue to the Art Objects Conservation Lab, founded by conservator Margaret Sawczuk, which specializes in the conservation and restoration of wooden, marble, bronze, polychrome, and gilded sculptures as well as historic artifacts and art. End the day at the Art Institute with a viewing of and conversation about the museum’s glorious mid-18th century Neapolitan crèche.

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