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Drawn to Italian Drawings: The Goldman Collection

Nicholas Turner

Chicago Book Clinic Honorable Mention

Hardcover $65.00
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The Art Institute will celebrate a major gift to its renowned Department of Prints and Drawings of 30 works from the significant collection of Italian drawings assembled by Chicagoans Steven and Jean Goldman. Totaling over 120 works, the collection has been formed with a scholar’s eye: Jean Goldman received a Ph.D. in art history, with special focus on late Renaissance and Baroque Italian art. The works include sheets by such well-known artists as Allori, Barocci, the Carraccis, Cigoli, Cortona, Guercino, Parmigianino, Reni, Giulio Romano, Salviati, Sodoma, and others. But the Goldmans have also focused on drawings by less well-known figures, including Maso da San Friano, Nebbia, Poccetti, Vanni, and more. While some pieces are finished works in their own right, others are sketches from a model (academic exercises related to capturing the human figure) or represent the various stages of preparation for works in other media. The collection is particularly strong in Roman, Bolognese, and Emilian drawings, but it also contains important works from Florence, Venice, and other parts of Italy.

The Art Institute of Chicago, 2009
10 x 11 9/16 in.; 320 pages; 155 color illustrations
ISBN 978-0-300-14104-7