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Devotion and Splendor: Medieval Art at the Art Institute of Chicago

American Association of Museums Honorable Mention

Vol. 30, no. 2
Fall 2004
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This striking issue features over 50 of the most important medieval objects in the Art Institute of Chicago, including works ranging from the early Christian era to the later Middle Ages, produced in both western Europe and Byzantium. These pieces originally adorned cathedrals, monasteries, and private chapels as well as courtly settings and homes, and many stand as compelling expressions of religious faith.

An opening essay by Christina M. Nielsen surveys the Art Institute’s history of choice medieval acquisitions, including items from the famous Guelph Treasure, which captivated American audiences during the 1930s. Written by a team of Art Institute curators, the catalogue section combines lavish color reproductions and short entries on a wide variety of works including glassware, carved ivories, illuminated manuscripts, metalwork, panel paintings, and sculpture. Among the many highlights are a 12th-century silver reliquary casket from Spain, an early 13th-century head of an apostle from Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, a 14th-century ivory triptych with scenes from the Life of Christ, and a beautifully painted 15th-century Book of Hours. An important record of a superb collection, Devotion and Splendor will intrigue general readers and specialists alike.

Table of Contents:

Christina M. Nielsen 
Bruce Boucher 
“To Step into Another World”: Building a Medieval Collection at the Art Institute of Chicago 
Christina M. Nielsen 
Western Europe, Byzantium, and the Islamic World 
The Twelfth Century 
The Thirteenth Century 
The Fourteenth Century 
The Fifteenth Century 
List of Contributors 
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The Art Institute of Chicago, 2005
8 3/8 x 10 1/4 in.; 96 pages; 76 illustrations
Softcover ISBN 0-86559-214-4 (Art Institute)
Softcover ISBN 0-295-98458-9 (Yale)