Date Night Tours

Loves Me, Loves Me Not Loves Me, Loves Me Not

In this season of gooey chocolates and sentimental cards, this tour reminds you of what love is really made of: passion, devotion, treachery, tears. No wonder artists throughout time have depicted this rich and provocative subject.

April in Paris April in Paris

Join us as we celebrate our world-renowned Impressionist and PostImpressionist collection before it travels to the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, as the largest loan in the museum’s history. Before the galleries dedicated to these works undergo renovations, wish these treasures a “bon voyage” with a stroll through the collection’s Parisian streets and blossoming French countryside.

Nightlife in Art Nightlife in Art

This month, the night is our stage. Let this guide escort you to works in the collection that embrace the night’s restless, insomniac moods as well as its peaceful times of slumber.