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Databases A-Z

Unless otherwise noted, these resources are available at the Art Institute of Chicago, the SAIC campus, or from other locations with an ARTIC username and password.

Includes more than 250,000 images of classical art from the Beazley Archive at Oxford University.  Greek Pottery makes up the largest part of the collection--about 200,00 images. Also included are more than 10,000 images of Greek and Roman Sculpture.

Types of material covered: Images
Access note: Free access. Available to everyone.

Benezit is one of the most comprehensive biographical dictionaries in the field of art history, including coverage of artists across all media, from painters and sculptors to calligraphers, ceramicists, illustrators, installation artists, and performance artists. It includes over 190,000 entries from the first English print edition (2006), plus revisions and new biographies exclusively available online.

Also included are artists' signatures, monograms, stamps of sale, detailed museum listings, bibliographies, exhibition information, and auction records

Benezit is updated three times per year to reflect new scholarship, additions to the bibliographies, and corrections. It is bundled with other Oxford databases, like Grove Art, and can be searched in conjunction or on its own.

Integrated text and image content on world dress and fashion throughout history. Includes the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, an extensive E-Book collection, an image bank, and more.

Types of material covered: Encyclopedia articles, journal articles, images, e-books
Dates covered: All periods of history

Includes citations from the following sources: BHA (1990-2007), the International Bibliography of Art (IBA) - 2008 to part of 2009, and the International Repertory of the Literature of Art (RILA, 1974-1989). BHA covers European and American architecture, painting, sculpture, drawing, prints and decorative arts, industrial design, folk art, photography, and performance art from late antiquity (4th C. AD) to the present. BHA no longer includes the Répertoire d'Art et d'Archéologie (RAA, 1973-1989). See RAA in print in the Library Reading Room. Abstracts are in French or English.

Types of material covered: Journal articles, dissertations, book chapters, books, conference proceedings, exhibition catalogs
Dates covered: 1974-2007

The French National Library's general catalog of print holdings. The archives and other specialized collections can be found here

Types of material covered: Library holdings.
Access note: Free access. Available to everyone.

Provides approximately 100,000 pages of monographs, essays, articles, speeches, and interviews written by leaders within the black community from the earliest times to the present. The collection is intended for research in black studies, political science, American history, music, literature, and art.

Types of material covered: Monographs, essays, articles, speeches, and interviews.

The British Library's main catalog, which includes nearly 57 million items. This also includes links to the archives and manuscripts collections as well several other specialized catalogs in the library's collection. 

Types of material covered: Library holdings.
Access note: Free access. Available to everyone.

The British Museum’s fully searchable Collections Database contains over two millinon records, which represent over three million objects in the museum collection.

Types of material covered: Images

Full text articles from over 400 titles from the British Library's newspaper collections.

Types of material covered: News articles, family notices, letters, obituaries, advertisements
Dates covered: 1700s-1950s
Access note: Reference desk access only

Via JSTOR, full-text of the 1907-1951 issues of the Bulletin of the Art Institute of Chicago. From there, one can link to the continuing title, the Art Institute of Chicago Quarterly, which will lead to the next continuing title, Calendar of the Art Institute of Chicago, and then to the later issues of the Bulletin. All of these are availabe in full text.

Types of material covered: Full-text journals
Dates covered: 1907-1982

Abstracts and some full-text articles from more than 1,060 journals covering accounting, business, management, economics, banking, finance, international business, regional business, sales, and marketing.

Types of material covered: Journal articles.
Dates covered: 1984 to the present.