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Art Institute of Chicago
111 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60603-6404

By Phone

General Information (recorded and operator availability)(312) 443-3600
Arts of Africa and the Americas(312) 443-3657
American Art(312) 443-3645
Ancient and Byzantine(312) 443-3698
Architecture and Design(312) 443-3949
Asian Art(312) 443-3834
Contemporary Art (1945 to present)(312) 443-3678
Development (donations and fundraising)(312) 443-3612
European Decorative Arts(312) 443-3642
European Painting and Sculpture (medieval to 1945)(312) 443-3636
Group Sales(312) 857-7104
Human Resources(312) 629-9420
Image Licensing(312) 499-4260
Lectures and Performance Programs(312) 857-7138
Libraries(312) 443-3671
Lost and Found(312) 443-3564
Member Services(312) 499-4111
Museum Education(312) 443-3680
Museum Shop(312) 443-3583
Photography(312) 443-3663
Prints and Drawings(312) 443-3660
Public Affairs(312) 443-3363
Registrar(312) 443-3675
School Group Tours(312) 443-3907
Special Events (venue rental, restaurants)(312) 443-3530
Strategic Sourcing(312) 499-4268
Teacher Resource Center(312) 443-3719
Terzo Piano(312) 443-8650
Textiles(312) 443-3696
Visitor Services(312) 443-3933
Volunteer Programs(312) 443-3574
Youth and Family Programs(312) 857-7161

The School of the Art Institute

Admissions(312) 629-6100
Degree Program Classes(312) 629-6700
Continuing Education Classes(312) 629-6170
Exhibitions(312) 629-6635
Visiting Artists Program(312) 443-4799

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