Conditions of Sale

Each lot will be offered for sale subject to the terms and conditions set forth below. By bidding at auction, the buyer and all bidders agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions may be changed or supplemented as provided below.

  1. The Art Institute of Chicago (“AIC”) does not assume any risk, liability, or responsibility for any items offered at this auction.
  2. The Photographer may have his or her own terms and conditions that he or she requires of a Buyer. To the extent that any such terms or conditions were available in advance of the auction, AIC has endeavored to post such terms and conditions on the website promoting the auction and/or make such terms and conditions available at the auction. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any such terms or conditions are a matter between the Photographer and the Buyer only and do not involve AIC.
  3. All sales are final and all items are sold “AS-IS, WHERE-IS, AND WITH ALL FAULTS.” AIC makes no guarantees, warranties, or representations, express or implied, of any kind or nature, with respect to the items or any of Photographer’s terms or conditions. In no event shall AIC be responsible for the correctness, nor deemed to have made any representation or warranty of description, of Photographer’s terms or conditions or the value or condition of the property purchased at auction. No statement in any printed materials, online or made at the sale or in the bill of sale or invoice or elsewhere shall be deemed a warranty or representation or an assumption of liability on the part of AIC.
  4. The values of the items included in this auction were provided by the parties that donated the items for this event. AIC does not review or verify the accuracy of these values.
  5. Auction purchases are not treated as charitable contributions. As a result, AIC does not issue a charitable contribution receipt to auction purchasers.
  6. AIC, in its discretion, may offer additional lots that may not be referenced in the auction materials. Such additional lots shall be subject to these Conditions of Sale and to Photographer’s terms or conditions.
  7. Any item may be withdrawn from auction at any time prior to the offering of each lot without any liability. If a lot fails to meet its reserve price, AIC may cancel such sale without any liability.
  8. AIC has the sole right to settle disputed bids and to decide whether or not to re-offer the lot.
  9. The record of sale kept by AIC shall be conclusive in all respects.
  10. Payment must be made at the end of the auction. Personal checks and major credit cards are acceptable; cash will not be accepted. Photo sessions will not be scheduled until AIC has been paid in full.
  11. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to arrange with the Photographer a date for a photo session, such date not to be later than October 19, 2014, unless otherwise agreed to by both the Buyer and the Photographer.