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Poem from Sketch of Imploring Woman

(Museu Picasso, Barcelona) 
Un sueño quita otro sueño 
Hasta mentira parece 
Y en mi sentido 
No cabe que un sueño 
Quite otro soñe que 
No me querias y 
Desde entonces 
No duermo 
Yo no diré que mi varca 
Sea la mejor del puerto pero 
Si digo [ 
tachado ] que es la tiene [ medio tachado ] mejores los movimientos 
Que ninguna varca tiene 
Tu eres como el arbol grande 
A, quien el viento azota 
Que tiene el ramaje hermoso 
Y no tiene corazón


A dream takes away another dream 
And even if it seems like a lie to me 
It does not make sense that one dream could take away the other 
I dreamed that you did not love me 
And ever since then I do not sleep 
I would not presume that my boat is the best in port, 
But if I say [crossed out ] is the one that has [partially crossed out ] graceful movements 
That no other one has 
Then you are like a majestic tree 
Which the winds moves 
Shaking its beautiful foliage 
But without a heart

[Translation by Anton Rajer]

Reproduction, including downloading of Picasso works is prohibited by copyriht laws and international conventions without the express written permission of Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

Figure, Head and Guitar, 1902-03