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Roman Art at the Art Institute of Chicago

Edited by Katherine A. Raff; essays by Katherine A. Raff, Rachel C. Sabino, Lorenzo Lazzarini, Karen Manchester, John Twilley, Theresa Gross-Diaz, Sidney Goldstein, Sandra E. Knudsen, and Nicola Barham

Online Scholarly Catalogue (free)

Roman Art at the Art Institute of Chicago is the most extensive investigation to date of the museum’s works from ancient Rome and Byzantium. The catalogue focuses on 165 significant objects, many published for the first time, including sculptures in marble, bronze, stucco, and terra-cotta; coins; glass vessels; mosaic panels; cameos; Fayum portraits; and jewelry. Groundbreaking curatorial and conservation entries include new high-resolution photography, stunning 360-degree rotating views of the objects, and in-depth technical imaging and analysis. The volume is free and was made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. It was built using the OSCI Toolkit, an open-source, digital publishing platform. Find the code for the Art Institute OSCI Toolkit here under the OSCI-Toolkit, OSCI-Toolkit-Frontend, and ChicagoCodeX repositories.