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Index of Museum Studies: W

wall hangings. See bonader; tapestry

Wall, Jeff
The Flooded Grave, 29.2

Water Lily Pond, Claude Monet, 32.1

Watermill with the Great Red Roof, The, Meindert Hobbema, 36.1

Watteau, Antoine
A Bewigged Painter seen in profile, Seated at His Easel; study for "The Feast of Love", 26.1
Landscape with a Castle; The Old Savoyard, 1

Watts, George Frederick
Time, Death, and Judgment, 36.1

Waugh, Sidney B.
Trident Punch Bowl; Zodiac Bowl, 27.2

Weber, Kem
armchair; serving table, 27.2

Weems, Carrie Mae, 24.2

Wegman, William
Selected Works, 35.1

Weltzheimer house, 8

West, Benjamin
Saint Paul Shaking off the Viper, 6

Whistler, James McNeill, 24.1
Artist in His Studio, The, 36.1
Corte del Paradiso, 30.1
Nocturne Blue and Gold, 36.1
Portrait of Mrs. Frances Layland, 18.2

Whitfield Cup, The, 35.2

Whiting Manufacturing Company
teapot, 33.1

Wiener Werkstätte, 11.2

Willow Bridge and Waterwheel, 30.1

Wilson, Anne
hanging entitled Found, 29.2

Wilson, Henry
"Diana" diadem, 29.2

cooler (majolica), 3
decanter, 28.2;
jug and cover, 29.2
pitcher for palm wine, 32.1

Winterbotham, Joseph Humphrey, 20.2

Witte, Emmanuel de
Old Church in Delft, 6

Woman Before an Aquarium, Henri Matisse, 12.2, 33.1

Woman Descending the Staircase, Gerhard Richter, 25.1

Woman in Tub, Jeff Koons, 34.1

Wong, Wucius
Searching for Mountains No. 2, 34.1

Wood, Grant
American Gothic, 10

Worcester Porcelain Factory
two dishes, 28.2
vases, 6

Workers' Daughters on the Outer Boulevard, Renoir, Pierre Auguste. 26.1

World's Columbian Exposition, 36.1

Wormley, Edward J.
Bench and Cushion, 27.2

Wright, Frank Lloyd, 21.2
[Johnson Wax] armchair and desk; screen, 27.2
section of a lobby lantern from the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo, 30.1
Spindle Cube Chair, 34.1
Weltzheimer house, 8

Wright, Joseph
Self-Portrait in a Fur Cap, 18.2

Wright, Russel
"American Modern" dinnerware; "Oceana" box, 27.2

W. T. Copeland & Sons, 28.2

Würth, Joseph Ignaz
sauce tureen on stand, 28.2

Wychwood, 36.1