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Index of Museum Studies: T

table, 27.2
"Architeccttura" trumeau, 29.2
card, 30.1
carpet, 16.2
centerpiece (Turin, Italy); octagonal library; side; work, 28.2
serving, 33.1
Viennese secretary, 15.1

Tacca, Ferdinando
Bireno and Olimpia, 29.2

Taft, Lorado
Fountain of the Great Lakes, 36.1
Fountain of Time, 31.2

Taiga, Ike
Group Pilgrimage to the Jizo Nun, 32.1

Takaezu, Toshiko
Untitled; Untitled; Cobalt Blue, 34.1

Talbert, Bruce James
drawing-room cabinet, 28.2

Fritware (Turkey), 33.1

Autumn and Winter, 32.2
Emperor Sailing, from The Story of the Emperor of China, The, 34.1
The Lovers, 30.2
Pygmalion and Metamorphoses, 10

Tarsia, Antonio, attributed to Madonna, 5

Tasso, Torquato, 4, 9

Taylor-Wood, Sam
Hysteria, 35.1

tea service: American, 27.2, 28.2, 33.1

Teco, 35.2

Testa, Angelo, 23.1
Cities, 34.1

Tetradrachm Portraying Alexander the Great, 33.1

textiles, 29.2, 32.1, 34.1, 35.2
bedcover: 29.2; Florence Elizabeth Marvin quilt, The, 31.2
border, 29.2
chausuble: front with Orphrey Cross; portion of a, 30.2
Chicago, 23.1
China: Ming & Qing dyanasties, 26.2; Tang dynasty, 29.2
cloth, ceremonial skirt, 35.2
embroidery: first or second empire Terpischore, 21.1; after Andrea del Sarto's Baptism of the People, 9; Germany, Last Supper, 6; table carpet (Germany), 16.2
fragment: 15th century Spain, 33.1, 34.1; of Doña Leonora's mantle; with Nasrid coat of arms, 30.2; from an Orphrey Band with Saint Matthew, 29.2, 30.2 Orphrey Band with Saints Barbara and James; silk with lions, 30.2
from Egypt, 11.1
from Europe, 11.1, 29.2
Indonesian, 33.2
kimono, 18.1
Neoclassical, 15.1
panel: 33.1, 35.2; antependium depicting the last supper; velvet with ox heads and eagles, 30.2
portion of a chasuble, 30.2
robe: Empress's Jifu (semiformal court), 33.1
shawl, 29.2
Talismanic, 33.1
valance, 29.2
wrapper, 35.2

Thater, Diana
Delphine, 32.1, 35.1

Thaw, 29.2

Theobald, Gene
three-piece tea set with tray, 27.2

Thoma, Hans
Apollo and Marsyas, 35.2

Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista. See La Gerusalemme Liberata

Time, Death, and Judgement, George Frederick Watts, 36.1

by Sandro Botticelli, 4

tools, joiner's, 2

Top Grossing Film of All Time, 1 x 1, The, Jason Salavon, 34.1

Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de
At the Moulin Rouge, 12.2
Ballet Dancers, 31.2

de La Tour, Maurice Quentin
Jean Joseph Cassenea de Mondonville, Anne Jeanne Cassanea de Mondonville, 30.1

Tree of Bigamy, 9

icon with central image of the Virgin and Child, 33.1
with scenes from the life of Christ, 30.2

Trockel, Rosemarie
White Carrot, 28.1

trompe l'oeil painting (Victorian)
Trompe l'Oeil Still Life with a Flower Garland and a Curtain, 31.1, 33.1

Troyon, Constant
The Marsh, 30.1

Turner of Oxford, William
An April Shower: View from Binsey Ferry near Oxford, Looking Towards Port Meadow and Godstow, 32.1

Tuymans, Luc
Angel; Soldier; Niks, 34.1

Twombly, Cy
The First Part of the Return from Parnassus, The Second Part of the Return from Parnassus, 34.1
Two Musicians [The Music-Making Couple], 30.2

Tykkä, Salla
Lasso, 35.1