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Index of Museum Studies: S

Saarinen, Eero
armchair; pitcher; table, 27.2

Saarinen, Eliel (w/ J. Robert F. Swanson & P. S. Swanson)
nesting tables, 27.2

Sailors, Robert, 23.1

Saint-Aubin, Gabriel Jacques de
The Entrance of the Academy of Architecture at the Louvre, 26.1

Saint George Killing the Dragon, Bernat Martorell 30.2

Saint John
the Baptist: Beheading of, Charles Sprague Pearce, 36.1; and Catherine of Alexandria, monstrance with tooth of; pendant with head of; Studies of the Holy Family and, 26.1; Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saints Peter, Paul, John the Baptist, Dominic, and a Donor, 30.2; 33.1; Virgin and Child with the Young Saint John the Baptist, Saint Cecilia, and Angels, 34.1
the Evangelist: Virgin and child Enthroned with the Archangels Raphael and Gabriel, Christ on the Cross between the Virgin and Saint John the Evangelist, 30.2, 33.1
infant: Virgin and Child with the Infant St. John, 7
in the Wilderness, 31.2
plaque: with Saints James and, 30.2

Saint Michael and the Devil
Hispano-Flemish, 32.1, 32.2

Sala, Anri
Blindfold; Mixed Behaviour, 35.1

Salavon, Jason
The Top Grossing Film of All Time, 1 x 1, 34.1

Samaras, Lucas
Phototransformation (10/25/73); Phototransformation (4/4/76); Phototransformation (7/31/76), 25.1

Sarto, Andrea del, 9
Self-portrait; Portrait of Lucrezia del Fede, 1

Savoldo, Giovanni Girolamo
The Death of Saint Peter Martyr, 30.1

Schadow, Johann Gottfried
Queen Luise of Prussia, 34.1

Schindler, Albert
Portrait of a Gardener and Horn Player in the Household of the Emperor Francis I, 32.1

Schindler, Rudolf M.
end tables, 34.1

Schoen, Eugene
cabinet, 27.2

Schumacher Industries (Collaboration w/ Frank Lloyd Wright), 21.2

Schwitters, Kurt
Trien, 28.1

screen, 27.2
ancestral, 32.1
Blue Phoenix, Omura Koyo, 35.2
Chaekkori, 34.1

bust: of Anne Marie Louise Thomas de Domageville de Sérilly, 28.2; of Paris, 15.1; Portrait Bust of a Woman, 28.2, 29.2; reliquary of Saint Margaret of Antioch, 30.2
figure: Chinese cast-iron, 3; of a seated chieftain; of a youthful chieftain (Mexico); power (Africa); power; maternity, 29.2; Equestrian and Four Figures (late 14th/early 15th century); Horse, 33.1 French: Gothic wood Virgin, 4; goddess, Hindu possibly Uma 30.1
from south India, 22.1
of Osiris (Egypt), 29.2, 31.2
relief: marble by Luca della Robbia, 8
terracotta, 11.1
Virgin and Child: ivory Gothic France, 9

Segal, George
The Truck, 35.1

Sellari, Girolame, called Girolamo da Carpi
Saint Luke Drawing the Virgin and Child, 34.1

Sequel, 29.2

Serra, Richard
Hand Catching Lead; Hands Scraping, 35.1
Weights and Measures, 35.2

serving wedge, 28.2

Seurat, Georges
Study of Trees, 26.1
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, 12.2, 14.2

Sèvres Porcelain Manufactory
Bust of Louis, Dauphin of France; covered bowl; dessert plate; footed tray; plate; stand; sugar bowl; vase, 28.2

Severini, Guido
Festival in Montmartre [Carousel], 34.1
Self-Portrait with Canotier, 2

Shchukin, Sergei Ivanovich, 16.1

sheath, jade (China), 16.2

Sheikh, Fazal
of a winged beast, 30.1
Qurban Gul Holding a Photograph of Her Son Mula Awaz, Khairabad, Northern Pakistan, 33.1

Shiva Nataraja
10th/11th century, 33.1

Shoji, Hamada
vase, 30.1

Shonibare, Yinka
Big Boy, 32.1

Shuho, Yamakawa
Resting in the Shade, 30.1

Sickert, Walter Richard
The Gallery of the Old Bedford; The Old Bedford, 26.1

Edward William Godwin, 32.1
and wine cabinet, 28.2, 31.1

Sika, Jutta
coffee service, 28.2

Silk Road, 33.1

Simpson, Lorna, 24.2

Singer Sargent, John
The Fountain; Villa Torlonia, Franscati; Mrs. Charles Dyer Gifford, 36.1

Skeele, Hannah B.
Fruit Piece, 30.1

Smed, Peer
Candelabra; Compote, 27.2

Smith, Adrian D.
7 South Dearborn Street Tower, 32.1

Smith, David
Untitled [Study for "Cubi VII"], 34.1

Smith, Kiki
Untitled, 1988, 25.1

Snow, Michael
Wavelength, 35.1

Snyder, Bob
Lines of Force, Trim Subdivisions, 35.1

Solomon, Simeon, 18.2

Song of the Lark, Jule Breton, 36.1

Soya, Hasegawa
Willow Bridge and Waterwheel, 30.1

Speyer, A. James, 21.1

Spiegelman, Art
Crossroads, 33.1

Spindle Cube Chair, 34.1

Srebbins, Emma
Machinist and Machinist's Apprentice, 30.1

stained glass, 5. See also glass

statue. See sculpture

St. Cloud Porcelain Manufactory
figure of the Buddhist disciple Gama Sennin, 28.2

Steichen, Edward
Self-Portrait with Camera, 35.2

Stieglitz, Alfred
The Palladium Prints, 31.2

Still, Clyfford
Untitled, 1958, 25.1

still life (Victorian), 31.1

Strand, Paul
Fall in Movement, 19.2

Strawberries, Nuts, &c., Raphaelle Peale, 21.1

Sullivan, Louis H., 11.1
collection, 13.2
Study for Ornamental Band No. 6, McVickers Theater, Chicago, Illinois, 30.1

Sultan, Larry
Mom Posing for Me, 34.1

Sunny Morning—Eight Legs, 29.2

Swanson, J. Robert F. (w/ P. S. Swanson and E. Saarinen)
nesting tables, 27.2