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Index of Museum Studies: P

Paik, Nam June
Family of Robot: Baby, 35.1

18th century Rome, 6
European, 30.1
Spanish Baroque, 8
techniques: Flemish, 8

Palladium Prints, the, 31.2

Palmer, Potter, 36.1

panel. See under textiles

two drawings from the Aeneid, 1

Parodi, Filippo
Pietà, 29.2

New Busan Tower, 35.2

Peale, Raphaelle
Strawberries, Nuts, &c., 21.1

pectoral, gold with zoomorphic face, 32.1

pendant. See jewelry

Penn, Irving
Nude No. 130, New York, 29.2

Pergola with Oranges, 30.1

Perkins, Marion, 24.2

Perlman, Hirsch
Two Affect Studies, 35.1

Perronneau, Jean Baptiste
Portrait of Jean Baptiste Antoine Le Moyne, 26.1

Pettway, Allie
Two-sided Bedcover, 29.2

Philosopher, The, Édouard Manet, 36.1

photocollage album, 32.1

photography, 29.2, 32.1, 34.1, 35.2
architectural, 13.2
of the Art Institute of Chicago, 19.1
United States, 10

piano, 19.2

Picabia, Francis
Cannibale, 32.1

Picasso, Pablo
Old Guitarist, 12.2
The Weeping Woman I, 30.1

Pisanello (Antonio Pisano)
Sketches of the Emperor John VIII Paleologus, a Monk, and a Scabbard, 30.2, 33.1

pistol (Spain), 13.1

dessert; saucer, 28.2
Hispano-Moresque lusterware, 30.2
with Long-Tailed Birds in a Garden (Yuan dynasty); Qing dynasty, 33.1

with bishop; with Saints James and John; with Hope and Aaron, 30.2

Polke, Sigmar
Partly on This Side, Partly on the Other Side (Teils Diesseits teils Jenseits), 30.1
Untitled [Landscape], 28.1
Uri Geller Welcomes Unknown Beings from the Realm of Fables, 25.1

Pontormo, Jacopo Carucci
Christ Before Pilate, 17.1, 26.1

Poor, Henry Varnum
Plate with Landscape; Plate with Still Life, 27.2

manufactors: Doccia; Du Paquier; Imperial; Meissen; Nymphenburg; Sèvres; St. Cloud; Worcester, 28.2
vases, 6, 30.1

by Anton Raphael Mengs, 5
Belgian Neo-Impressionist, 13.1
drawings: by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, 1
eighteenth-century French, 32.2
of: Hedwig Brandenburg-Ansbach; Henry Gibbs (presumed), 5; a Man with a Pink, 36.1; Maximilian I, 12.1; Mrs. Frances Layland, 18.2; Kobo Daishi (Kukai), 14th century, 33.1
pastel, 32.2

posters, Soviet TASS-window, 31.2

Potter, Paulus
Two Cows and a Young Bull beside a Fence in a Meadow, 30.1

pottery: 35.2
Nazca, 11.2
See also vase

Powers, Hiram
America, 27.1

Prairie Avenue, 36.1

Prairie School, 21.2

Primaticcio, Francesco
Fortitude (Study for the "Cabinet du roi" [King's Study]), 26.1

prints and drawings, 30.1, 32.1, 34.1, 35.2
16th Century Rome, 10
conserving an old master, 31.2
Italian Baroque drawings, 32.2
plate: The Gentleman, 30.2
Regenstein print collection, 26.1
scenes from the story of Noah and the Ark, 30.2
victorian, 31.1

Przyrembel, Hans
serving wedge, 28.2

Pulos, Arthur
beverage server with cover, 27.2

Puvis de Chavannes
three easel paintings by, 4