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Index of Museum Studies: M

Maas-Fjetterström, Märta
carpet, 32.1

Mackintosh, Charles Rennie
Collioure, Pyrenees-Orientales, 32.1

Mackmurdo, arthur Heygate
side table, 28.2
Wren's City Churches, 32.1

Madonna. See under Mary, mother of Jesus

Magnussen, Erik
covered cup, 27.2

Mahamayuri Vidyaraja, 30.1

majolica. See pottery

De' Maineri, Gian Francesco
a Sacrificial Scene, 17.1, 26.1

Manet, Edouard
Philosopher, The, 36.1; subject matter of, 3

Manfredi, Bartolomeo
Cupid Chastised, 11.2

Manglano-Ovalle, Iñigo
Sonambulo II (Blue), 35.1

Man-jin, Son
Poem by Master Sang Chon, 32.1

Mann, Sally
Last light, 32.1

Man of Sorrows, 30.2

Mansfield collection, Howard, 36.1

Manship Paul
vase, 27.2

mantle, burial (Peru), 29.2

Marblehead Pottery, 35.2

Marden, Brice
Rodeo, 25.1

Marion Mahony Griffin, 21.2

Mark Antony, 35.2

Marshall, Kerry James
Vignette Suite, 35.2

Martorell, Bernat
Saint George Killing the Dragon, 30.2

Marville, Charles
Rue Chartière [impasse Chartière] de la rue de Reims, 32.1

Marx, Samuel a.
armchair; side table, 27.2

Mary, mother of Jesus
Madonna: attributed to Tarsia, antonio, 5; by Maso da San Friano, 7; Mourning Madonna, 28.2; Sorrowing Madonna, 15.2
miracles of (Ethiopia), 29.2
Pietà, Filippo Parodi, 29.2
See also Virgin and child

Mary Reynolds Collection, 22.2

Maso da San Friano
a Madonna by, 7

Mass of Saint Gregory, 30.2

Massys, Quentin
Portrait of a Man with a Pink, 36.1

Master of apollo and Daphne, 3

Matisse, Henri
Bathers by a River, 16.1
Woman Before an aquarium, 12.2, 33.1
Woman on a Rose divan, 12.2

Matta (Roberto Matta Echuarren)
The Earth Is a Man, 29.2

Matta-Clark, Gordon
Splitting, 35.1

Maximilian I, 12.1

Maya ballgame relief, 2. See also amerindian art

Mayer, Constant
Love's Melancholy, 27.1

Maysles, albert and David (with Ellen Hovde)
Christo's Valley Curtain, 35.1

McArthur, Warren
side chair, 27.2

McKinlock, George A., 36.1

McQueen, Steve
Carib's Leap/Western Deep; Exodus; Girls, Tricky; Gravesend; Unexploded, 35.1

McVicker, Julia, 23.1

Medieval collection 30.2, 32.1, 34.1, 35.2

Meidner, Ludwig
Street with Pedestrian, 28.1

Meissen Porcelain Manufactory
coffee pot; oil and vinegar cruet; teapot, 28.2

Mengs, anton Raphael
two portraits by, 5

Mère Gregoire, 13.1

Merritt, Susan Torrey
antislavery Picnic at Weymouth Landing, Mass., 27.1

Metzker, Ray K.
Composites: Philadelphia, 29.2

Michallon, achille-Etna
View of the Villa Medici and St. Trinità dei Monti from Ingres's Studio in the Pavilion San Gaetano, Rome, 32.1

Middlebrook, Willie Robert, 24.2

Miller, Samuel J.
Frederick Douglass, 27.1

Millet, Jean Francois, 1
Flight into Egypt, 26.1
Harvest Moon, 36.1

Miró, Joan
The Kerosene Lamp, 12.1, 26.1

Mirra, Helen
Map of Parallel 52 North at a Scale of One Foot to One Degree, 35.1

case with falconry scene, 30.2
frame, 33.1

Mirror in Six Panels, 32.1

Mochi, Francesco, 17.2

modern art 29.2, 32.1, 34.1, 35.2

Modigliani, amedeo
Jacques and Berthe lipschitz, 12.2

Mom Posing for Me, Larry Sultan, 34.1

Monaco, Lorenzo,
processional cross, 30.2

Monet, Claude
Haystacks, 11.1
Water lily Pond, 32.1

monstrance with tooth of Saint John the Baptist, 30.2

moon shawl (Chand-dar) (Late 18th century, India), 34.1

Morandi, Giorgio
Still life, 29.2

Moreau, Gustave
Hercules and the Lernaean Hydra; Portrait of Eugène Lacheurié, 26.1

Mori, Mariko
Miko No Inori, 35.1

Morisot, Berthe
Young Woman in a Garden, 30.1

Morris, Robert
Neo Classic, 35.1

Ordos 100, Lot 006, Inner Mongolia, China, 35.2

mosaic. See under glass

Mosley, Joshua
Beyrouth; Dread; a Vue, 35.1

Motherwell, Robert
Wall Painting with Stripes, 25.1

Motley, Archibald J., Jr., 24.2

Motoring in the Balkans, Frances Hutchinson, 36.1

at the Moulin Rouge, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 12.2

Mouth, Gerhard Richter, 25.1

Mrs. Charles Dyer Gifford, John Singer Sargent, 36.1

Mrs. Wolleh with Children, Gerhard Richter, 25.1

Munch, Edvard
Girl Looking out the Window, 30.1

Munger collection, 36.1